by Melodious Punk

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"yume" means dream in Japanese, but beyond that, it represents the illusion and the delusions of the unknown. Each song on this album focuses on one of the many puffed-up fantasies we dedicate ourselves to.


released August 6, 2007




Melodious Punk Reno, Nevada

Melodious Punk is a musician in Reno, NV. Send any questions to snoogans775@gmail.com

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Track Name: Affa Noon
all that you wanted
was to escape
now all that you want
is to be saved
whatever happened to your perfect world?
it faded away, faded away...

gruesome pictures on the web
sleeping in a soaking bed
everything is painful to the touch
broken dreams and chevaliers
now we're in a paxil haze
everything's still painful to the touch.
if this is not enough, shit.
I give up.
If this ain't enough for you, I give up.

It fades away, it fades away.
Track Name: Better Off Somewhere
most of my life
was spent waiting in line
I should've known
that I'd die before my time
well you might've been
in my life or my bed
before I was dead.

in death I'd like a computer
with internet fast as sin
so I could log on in
and let my second life begin.
well there's a test into heaven
and here I'm in purgatory
I should've known like the rest of my life
the best I'd pull was a C.

'n if I'm resurrected
no apostles around my grave
just give me that controller
I'll pick up where I last saved
and I may have spent most of my life tied to a videogame
but if I'd done it any other way I'd probably have gone insane.

'n here I'm so tired
talking to these beggars and whores
but of course
my only worry is that someone is fucking my corpse
'n you may have great stories
and great wounds that you've bled
but I've got a whole new afterlife
to listen to someone interesting instead.
Track Name: Friendship
wake me in the morning with the sun shining in
ask me if I'd like to go out an play again
and of course I would
my best friend
that's why I'm here right now,
let's do it again.

life moves by at a tightrope pace
you can see it rolling down in the lines of my face
and I hope that you feel the same way too
the truth is in the end, I've always loved you.

now you've got you and I've got me
these little differences continue to be
and I know we'll be the same
as the children we once were once we are men
and I know I'll never feel so alone
as I will when I lose my best friend.